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Songs written or co-written by Kylie Minogue.
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Song title:Dancing
Copyright year:2018
Words:Kylie Minogue/Steven McEwan/Nathan Chapman
Music:Kylie Minogue/Steven McEwan/Nathan Chapman
Song title:In Your Eyes
Copyright year:2001
Words:Julian Gallagher/Kylie Minogue/Richard Stannard/Ashley Howes
Music:Julian Gallagher/Kylie Minogue/Richard Stannard/Ashley Howes
Song title:Love At First Sight
Copyright year:2001
Country of origin:United Kingdom
Words:Julian Gallagher/Richard Stannard/Ashley Howes/Martin Harrington/Kylie Minogue
Music:Julian Gallagher/Richard Stannard/Ashley Howes/Martin Harrington/Kylie Minogue
Song title:Music's Too Sad Without You
Copyright year:2018
Words:Jack Savoretti/Kylie Minogue/Samuel Dixon
Music:Jack Savoretti/Kylie Minogue/Samuel Dixon
Song title:Please Stay
Copyright year:2000
Words:Julian Gallagher/Kylie Minogue/Richard Stannard/John Themis
Music:Julian Gallagher/Kylie Minogue/Richard Stannard/John Themis
Song title:Slow
Words:Emiliana Torrini/Daniel Carey/Kylie Minogue
Music:Emiliana Torrini/Daniel Carey/Kylie Minogue
Song title:Wow
Copyright year:2007
Words:Karen Poole/Kylie Minogue
Music:Karen Poole/Gregory Kurstin/Kylie Minogue