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Songs recorded by Winifred Atwell.
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Song title:The Black And White Rag
Copyright year:1908
Music:George Botsford
Song title:Boogamba
Song title:Britannia Rag
Copyright year:1952
Country of origin:United Kingdom
Music:Winifred Atwell/Monty Warlock
Song title:Charleston
Copyright year:1923
Country of origin:United States
Words:James P. Johnson/Cecil Mack
Music:James P. Johnson/Cecil Mack
Song title:Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White
Adapted from:Cerisier Rose Et Pommier Blanc
Copyright year:1951
Country of origin:France
Words:Mack David
Music:Louiguy (Louis Guiglielmi)
Song title:Coronation Rag
Copyright year:1953
Country of origin:United Kingdom
Music:Winifred Atwell
Song title:El Cumbanchero
Copyright year:1943
Words:Rafael Hernandez
Music:Rafael Hernandez
Song title:Dixieland
Copyright year:1954
Music:Tex Grant
Song title:Five Finger Boogie
Music:Winifred Atwell
Song title:Flirtation Waltz
Copyright year:1952
Country of origin:United Kingdom
Words:Leslie Sarony
Music:Joe Henderson

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