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Songs recorded by Inner City.
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Song title:Ain't Nobody Better
Song title:Big Fun
Copyright year:1988
Country of origin:United States
Words:Kevin Saunderson/Shanna Jackson/James Pennington/Arthur Forest
Music:Kevin Saunderson/Shanna Jackson/James Pennington/Arthur Forest
Song title:Do Me Right
Song title:Good Life (Buena Vida)
Copyright year:1988
Country of origin:United States
Words:Roy Holman/Ann Saunderson/Kevin Saunderson/Shanna Jackson
Music:Roy Holman/Ann Saunderson/Kevin Saunderson/Shanna Jackson
Song title:Hallelujah '92
Song title:Let It Reign
Song title:Praise
Song title:Share My Life
Song title:That Man (He's All Mine)
Song title:Watcha Gonna Do With My Lovin'