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Songs recorded by Billy Murray & Gladys Rice.
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Song title:After You've Gone
Copyright year:1918
Country of origin:United States
Words:Henry Creamer/Turner Layton
Music:Henry Creamer/Turner Layton
Song title:I Gave You Up Just Before You Threw Me Down
Copyright year:1922
Country of origin:United States
Words:Bert Kalmar
Music:Harry Ruby/Fred Ahlert
Song title:Marion (You'll Soon Be Marryin' Me)
Song title:Oh! How I Laugh When I Think That I Cried Over You
Song title:When My Baby Smiles At Me
Copyright year:1920
Country of origin:United States
Words:Harry Von Tilzer/Andrew B. Sterling/Ted Lewis/Bill Munro
Music:Harry Von Tilzer/Andrew B. Sterling/Ted Lewis/Bill Munro
Query:Some sources do not credit Von Tilzer.