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Songs recorded by Earl Fuller.
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Song title:Beale Street Blues
Copyright year:1917
Country of origin:United States
Words:W.C. Handy
Music:W.C. Handy
Song title:Egyptland
Song title:The Missouri Waltz
Copyright year:1914
Country of origin:United States
Words:J.R. Shannon
Music:Frederic Knight Logan
Note:Lyric added in 1916. The official state song of Missouri.
Query:Co-composer John V. Eppell ?
Song title:Oriental (one-step)
Copyright year:1918
Country of origin:United States
Song title:Sand Dunes
Song title:Slippery Hank
Song title:Twelfth Street Rag
Copyright year:1914
Country of origin:United States
Words:James S. Sumner
Music:Euday L. Bowman
Note:Andy Razaf wrote another lyric (Lissauer says 1942).