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Welcome to dbopm :: the database of popular music.

Every genre, every aspect.
dbopm celebrates the great diversity of popular music.
No frills, no fuss, just the facts.
The site is designed to be fast-loading and easy to use, so you can get straight to the information you need.
Intensively cross-referenced.
The database structure enables easy movement between related items. For example, there are currently 218,471 internal links connecting songs with artists. See the statistics page for more information.
Precise external links.
We connect directly to relevant data at other useful sites, making this site the one-stop source for your research.
dbopm is a work-in-progress.
The database is constantly being updated. If you can't find what you're looking for, let me know. All verifiable data contributions will be included in future updates.
Please note that data is subject to change as research is on-going.
dbopm :: the database of popular music.
Joined-up knowledge. What the Internet was made for.