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Songs written or co-written by Par Astrom.
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Song title:Get It Right
Words:Adam Anders/Nikki Hassman/Par Astrom
Music:Adam Anders/Nikki Hassman/Par Astrom
Song title:Get Together
Words:Anders Bagge/Madonna Ciccone/Par Astrom/Stuart Price
Music:Anders Bagge/Madonna Ciccone/Par Astrom/Stuart Price
Song title:I Choose Life
Words:Tracy Ackerman/Anders Bagge/Par Astrom
Music:Tracy Ackerman/Anders Bagge/Par Astrom
Song title:Knockout
Copyright year:2001
Country of origin:Sweden
Words:Anders Bagge/Par Astrom/Reed Vertelney/Wayne Hector/Mikael Andersson
Music:Anders Bagge/Par Astrom/Reed Vertelney/Wayne Hector/Mikael Andersson
Song title:Lipstick
Words:Alesha Dixon/Par Astrom/Henrik Janson/Anders Bagge
Music:Alesha Dixon/Par Astrom/Henrik Janson/Anders Bagge