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Songs recorded by Vera Lynn.
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Song title:Our Love Story
Copyright year:1949
Country of origin:United Kingdom
Words:William Harrison/Norman Newell
Music:William Harrison/Norman Newell
Song title:Outside Of Heaven
Copyright year:1952
Words:Sammy Gallop
Music:Chester Conn
Song title:Over The Hill
Words:Gerry Mason
Music:Gerry Mason
Song title:Over The Rainbow
Copyright year:1938
Country of origin:United States
Words:E.Y. Harburg
Music:Harold Arlen
Song title:Penthouse Serenade (When We're Alone)
Copyright year:1931
Country of origin:United States
Words:Will Jason/Val Burton
Music:Will Jason/Val Burton
Song title:Please Think Of Me
Copyright year:1942
Country of origin:United States
Words:Benny Davis/Murray Mencher/Russ Morgan
Music:Benny Davis/Murray Mencher/Russ Morgan
Song title:Please, Mr. Sun
Copyright year:1951
Country of origin:United States
Words:Ramon Getzov/Sid Frank
Music:Ramon Getzov/Sid Frank
Song title:The Rain In Spain
Copyright year:1956
Country of origin:United States
Words:Alan Jay Lerner
Music:Frederick Loewe
Song title:Red Sails In The Sunset
Copyright year:1935
Country of origin:United Kingdom
Words:Jimmy Kennedy
Music:Hugh Williams
Song title:Room Five Hundred And Four
Copyright year:1941
Country of origin:United Kingdom
Words:Eric Maschwitz
Music:George Posford

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