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Songs recorded by Louis Prima.
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Song title:The Love Bug Will Bite You (If You Don't Watch Out)
Copyright year:1937
Country of origin:United States
Words:Pinky Tomlin
Music:Pinky Tomlin
Song title:Luigi
Song title:The Music Goes 'round And Around
Copyright year:1935
Words:Red Hodgson
Music:Edward Farley/Michael Riley
Song title:Night Train
Copyright year:1952
Country of origin:United States
Words:Oscar Washington/Lewis C. Simpkins
Music:Jimmy Forrest
Song title:Oh Babe!
Copyright year:1950
Country of origin:United States
Words:Louis Prima/Milton Kabak
Music:Louis Prima/Milton Kabak
Song title:Oh, Marie
Copyright year:1890
Country of origin:Italy
Words:Vincenzo Russo
Music:Eduardo Di Capua/Alfredo Mazzucchi
Song title:One Mint Julep
Copyright year:1951
Country of origin:United States
Words:Rudolph Toombs
Music:Rudolph Toombs
Song title:Ooh Dah Dily Dah
Song title:Paradise
Copyright year:1932
Country of origin:United States
Words:Gordon Clifford/Nacio Herb Brown
Music:Nacio Herb Brown
Song title:Paul Revere

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