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Songs recorded by Jackie Gleason.
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Song title:Am I Blue?
Copyright year:1929
Country of origin:United States
Words:Grant Clarke
Music:Harry Akst
Song title:Apology At Bedtime
Copyright year:1962
Country of origin:United States
Music:Jackie Gleason/W. Livingston Larned/Harlan Miller
Song title:April In Portugal
Adapted from:Coimbra
Copyright year:1947
Country of origin:Portugal
Words:Jimmy Kennedy
Music:Raul Ferrao
Note:English lyric written in 1953.
Song title:The Art Of Love
Copyright year:1965
Country of origin:United States
Words:Don Raye
Music:Cy Coleman
Song title:Au Revoir
Copyright year:1966
Country of origin:France
Music:Raymond Bloch
Song title:Autumn Leaves
Adapted from:Les Feuilles Mortes
Copyright year:1947
Country of origin:France
Words:Johnny Mercer
Music:Joseph Kosma
Note:Additional verse lyric by Geoffrey Parsons.
Song title:The Autumn Waltz
Copyright year:1956
Country of origin:United States
Words:Bob Hilliard
Music:Cy Coleman
Song title:Be My Love
Copyright year:1950
Country of origin:United States
Words:Sammy Cahn
Music:Nicholas Brodszky
Song title:Bear Mountain Blast
Copyright year:1958
Country of origin:United States
Music:Betty Ford/Jackie Gleason
Song title:Because Of You
Copyright year:1940
Words:Arthur Hammerstein/Dudley Wilkinson
Music:Arthur Hammerstein/Dudley Wilkinson

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